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#26 Sep 02, 2023 8:19:PM


Re: In the closet dying to go outside but Im afraid

My two cents: start small.

Nobody knows what you are wearing underneath. That is always a good place to start. But you know and it can give you a lot of satisfaction. Start with no-padding to not stick out (pun intended). Be aware that if you have to use a public restroom with multiple stalls, your underwear may be exposed. Start with black or white before pinks or pastels.

When you are comfortable try a pair of women’s pants. Few people will notice that or even know the difference.  Jeans are fine. I wear tactical BDUs but that is my style.  Be aware that one difference is that the zipper on women’s pants does not open as low as men’s.

Third stage - women’s shirts. Not the frilly, girly type, but just a general T-shirt or sweatshirt. Again few people will notice this but it gives you even more confidence in yourself.

There are lots of women’s clothes that are not girly.

Gradually you can move to more flamboyant shirts. Again, take it slooooowwwww. Ease into it.

If you push yourself too much you won’t be comfortable and that is a tell and potential self-outing.

Eventually you can work up to skirts or dresses if you want. Even a short sweater dress can look like a long men’s sweater. Worst case - it’s ambiguous.



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