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#1 May 31, 2020 12:33:AM


New Florida Girl Saying Hi

Hello everyone,

I am Jessikat, but friends call me Jess. As long as you don't call me Jessi (My Mom does) LOL. wink

I'm a Post-Op Transexual Female and live Stealth pretty much. I live in Northeast Florida and I am Retired Military.
I will not go into details here about my History or Transition but if people are interested and I get to know them better, I may start to open up more.
I have two Cats and Love Computer Gaming as well as building them myself. Biking, Walking and Running are Hobbies I also am very active in.

I'm just looking to spice up my Life and live it to the fullest and with the right person(s) that could be possible. You only live once and you want to enjoy all that Life offers right? smile

Thank you,



#2 May 31, 2020 1:28:AM


Re: New Florida Girl Saying Hi

every transition is difficult and amazing if all else fails remember shakespear to thine own self be true....welcome to the site


#3 Jun 03, 2020 7:52:AM


Re: New Florida Girl Saying Hi

Have you ever considered someone from another country? Have you considered marrying someone from another country? Do you accept him in your country or do you want to live with him in another country?
Enjoy life now that you are retired
You don't have to find pleasure in finding someone else, but travel can satisfy your senses
I know you can travel to some countries at a low cost. In some countries, the dollar is worth more than its currency.
So easily enjoy your tour


#4 Mar 03, 2023 3:49:AM


Re: New Florida Girl Saying Hi

Hey i live near Tyndal airforce basr


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