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Hi Again (slighlty shamanic dream jourhey..) - Greetings from London.. / Member Introductions / Transgender Forum

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#1 May 28, 2022 3:25:PM


Hi Again (slighlty shamanic dream jourhey..) - Greetings from London..

Hi - though I've been here on and off for quite some time, by way of a Hello, you might dig todays tale..

Some past their prime felafel did a number on my tummy, and brought QUITE the dream journey where..  I gave a physics lecture to a former bandmate (remember most of it, if yr interested) then.. I'd left the Electronics Engineering EEVblog playing, and in dream i was in this small apartment getting kissy with a rather lovely trans friend - which could have gone a lot further if it wasn't for.. This manic girl in the room who just wouldn't stop spouting about electronics smile

London Lockdown was a lil challenging as was the loss of my Islington home - lost tech stuff prototypes music, most everything I'd built with my hands for 20+ years - I'm kinda back with a modest studio rig, designs, lyrics and a LOT of film ideas

More that ONE film actually - the more Ambitious project as a cosmic New Age Sci Fi thing with powerful trans characters (casting for a goody-baddie figure) and this is my excuse for saying if you want to look me up for Coffee in London, I'm pretty buzzed with ideas, and into outsider stories - which may transfolk have

UK Film-making contacts especially welcome (as is any lines to (recording and production) studio work) - I design electronics, and don't mind doing some grunt work (sound, camera, extra, editing even) if you have a filmmaking situation of your own 

  Pete G -  BtB Films / Duran Nestene - London

Feel free to mail or message

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