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#1 Dec 15, 2022 2:33:AM


FTM hoping to transition

Hello everyone, my name is Luke and I'm female to male transgender. I'm 30yrs old and live in South Florida. I have 4 rare diseases because one was not enough. I live with my parents so they can help me when I need it and I'm very close to my mom. I have been struggling to transition for a few years now. I raise butterflies and I have a transgender tortoise lol. I'd love to hear other stories of FTM transitions and the way they went about it all. I'm interested to see before and after physical changes. I'm a Harry Potter fanatic. My biggest pet peeve regarding transitioning is that I have very very large breasts, compression shirts and binding methods barely make a dent on my chest size.I'm having a hard time finding clothes to wear that are masculine and fit me properly and it's driving me mad. Anyhow, thank you for reading this, I hope you're doing well.


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