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Hello from a new member / Member Introductions / Transgender Forum

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#1 Dec 28, 2022 8:33:AM


Hello from a new member

I am Quinn.
New to this site but not new to the CD scene. That started back in 2009.
From an early age I new something was different but had no real clue as to what that was.
This is a story so many of us know.
To make a long story short I practiced DADT for the sake of my marriage but after the passing of my wife I was free to make choices.
I came out as Transgender earlier this year which surprised some of my friends.
I now live my life as my female personality and I am looking to find new friends who can relate to me on a similar level.
I cycle to keep fit, enjoy the benefit of a good tan and can do many of the things most guys can do.
I sew, cook with a flair and make a pretty good effort with my make up and clothing sense.
I live in Perth Western Australia, anybody live close?


#2 Dec 28, 2022 5:50:PM


Re: Hello from a new member

Hi Quinn,
So good to meet you, welcome.
Hope you can find what youre looking for in this group.
feel free to reach out for some friendly chat.


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