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#1 Jan 30, 2019 9:39:PM


A Very Hot Night!

The big evening had arrived and I really needed a lift. The wife, soon to be ex, had me served with divorce papers. All I
could see was money flying away with her on her broom. I'd like to stick the broom where she never let me fuck her!
Patty, my fiend's wife, answered the door when I arrived around 5. Bill was out picking up booze and snacks for the party.
Hoped he doesn't forget extra love oil! Patty was in the middle of hair and makeup and I carried my bag into their bedroom.
They obviously didn't mind that all their "toys" were proudly displayed on the night tables next to the bed.
I obviously was feeling a little depressed and she sensed it and pulled another chair up to her makeup table and said sit!
I did and she went and poured me a double scotch on the rocks. She said it ould lighten me up. I agreed and she opened my bag
to see what I brought. Told me I had good taste in femme items and loved my long blonde wig. My makup kit was not close to
all her stuff and she put it back in my bag and told me to start getting dressed. I stripped and started with black lace
panties and black lace bra with my 36C forms. (I don't miss those as now I have real 36C luscious tits!) Next were my thigh high seamed black nylons and garter that Patty lovingly clipped on for me while licking my cock through my panties. What a teaser as she said we'll save that for now. Bitch I said and she laughed. I stepped into my tight little red mini skirt and matching blouse with white stripes. I was getty so hot and horny I asked her for another double to chill me out. While Patty went to get it I slipped on my 4 inch spike heels. I was standing in front of the mirror when she came back with my drink and told me Bill was home and closed the bedroom door. She said she wanted to do my makeup and hair before she let Bill see me.I was giggling by then and sat down with her at the makeup table. Almost an hour later she finished and sat back and
smiled."Everyone is going to want you including me"! I stood up and saw myself in the full length mirror. Her makeup, hair and nail skills were much better than mine! I had brought opera gloves but didn't need them now. One last touch was needed and I took a string of pearls and some clip on earings from my bag. I'm pierced now as is my cute little belly button. I had forgotten my perfume but Patty had the Obsession that I love. She did me and freshened herself and it was off to the den! Bill was sipping some wine and I thought he was going to drop it when he saw me. He said my name and I said "No, tonight I'm Denise". He then got up and walked over to me and pulled me close to him holding my ass. I felt him getting hard through his jeans and I leaned in and stuck my tongue down his throat while grinding him. Patty said "ok you two our other guest will be here in a few so calm the fuck down". We all had a good laugh. Bill poured us a each a glass of wine and we sat down on the big L shaped couch. Our conversation went to what happened to me that day and then how Patty pulled me out of my funk. A few minutes later the doorbell rang.

I was sooo nervous when Patty opened the door but that went away when I saw the 2 beautiful women standing there smiling
at us. My first thought was eyelashes! How could I forget to get them? That was a lesson learned. Mine are long but not
like the 2 gorgeous hotties, a redhead and a blonde, that were walking in the door. They both were in tube tops, yellow
and blue, with very hard nipples and very tight jeans. One pair had a very nice bulge that caught my eye. Both wore 5
inch spiked heels that matched their tops. Bill whispered in my ear they were long time friends. Ginny and Janey (who I
later learned was Jimmy). We all went into the den with the huge L shaped couch. Bill poured us all wine and sat down next to Ginny and started to tell her about me and our fishing trip. I was sandwiched between Patty and Janey. Nice thought! They all smiled at me and it felt so nice and warm all over. What was warmer was Patty sticking her tongue in my ear and Janey sticking her tongue down my throat. Ginny was pulling Bills shorts down and he was pulling her tube top over her head. What nice tits! I really wanted to fuck them! Then she got down on her knees and started sucking his cock. Janey and Patty told me to lay down and Patty pulled her panties down and sat on my face while Janey pulled my mini and panties down and started licking my balls and stroking my cock. I was tingling all over. Patty started to moan and then screamed she was cumming! I
pushed my tongue deeper into her and she shuddered then leaned over and kissed me. Then she turned and started sucking my cock while Janey licked my balls. Then Ginny and Bill came over and they pulled my bra and forms up and started kissing and nibbling my nipples. I was going to explode but held on. Then they all stopped and told me to get on my knees. Janey was putting love oil on his huge 8 inch cock and Ginny was fingering me with love oil. Then Janey pushed into me and Patty slid under and strted sucking me off again. When Janey shot his cum in me I filled Patty'smouth with my cum. What a feeling! Bill was sitting back on the couch and was still hard. I wanted some cum and wrapped my lips around his stiff cock. I took the love oil and fingered his asshole deep. When he said "I'm cumming!" I sucked even harder. What a big creamy load he had! It ran down my lips and Patty came over and licked it off. What a night.
We all just relaxed with some wine afterwards and I was so content. We got it on again but that's another story. Just a teaser. I wanted to lick Bill's cum out of Patty's pussy while Janey sucked my cock. More to cum! Kisses!

I wrote this for my lovely Mavoureen who loves to fuck me. Kisses babe!


#2 Oct 26, 2019 5:20:PM

Re: A Very Hot Night!

Sounds like you had fun.
I like a girly girl with a penis


#3 Mar 15, 2021 3:17:AM


Re: A Very Hot Night!

Yes ,,, interesting. ,,, Story


#4 Jan 03, 2022 6:56:PM


Re: A Very Hot Night!

wow lucky you


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