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The Silver Lining

Posted: 2 years ago - Oct 08, 2020

Hello there ladies and gentlement,

Well after my mother has passed away, it was inevitable that she would die out here in the land she loved near her two sons. My brother and I took turns taking care of her plus we got out of NJ before COVID too, and out of debt by selling the house back in NJ. So in the end, her last wishes were kept. 

Here is the silver lining in the clouds, I call myself now the Silver Fox or the Silver Lady for I am now comofortable enough to officially retire even though it is hard enough being out of work for 7 years since I left Walgreens back in NJ. By eslling the house, and saving my inheritance, Judy is pretty well off with her financial matters. 

She could now afford to buy some new dresses and skirts and high heels especially pink and black high heels soemtime in the new year after the probate court finishes it work. 

Judy is out here in Red Neck Country where it is not like NJ where there are a lot of  Tgurls like herself but I am finding some new friends but harder to meet with COVID.  I really do want to get some new pictures but I need some one to take the pictures I hate do selfies. 

Well I am wishing all my girlfriends a healthy and safe fall and winter , I will be thinking about you during this treacherous fall and winter, we are not of the woods yet. 

Do keep in touch. I love getting emails. Take care with love and concern in my hearts.

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