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Kayte Ofline
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Shopping Dysphoria???

Posted: 2 years ago - Dec 14, 2020

I don`t knpw about the rest of you, but I`m beginning to suffer from lack of shopping.  I know, I know, I already have clothes and shoes in my closet that still have price tags on them, but that`s not the issue here. I need to shop period.  I am acustomed to spending a couple of weeks in Myrtle Beach in the fall months shopping and working on the tan lines on the beach.  Same goes for the winter months. Usually in Florida hitting the shops picking up deals that  I just can`t get here in Canada. I miss it damn it. I`m getting stressed about it too, along with my partner who feels the same way. Do me a favor please, wear a mask and get vacinated asap so we can get bank to life as we know it, okÉ Be safe all.

hugs, Kayte

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